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Blink and you miss it. Christmas completely ran away with me this year, hence no photographic evidence of it but into January and I’m finally getting a grip (be it the 31st)!

In this strange world of floristry, spring flowers are available in the market and they seem so fitting for this time of year, lots of fresh young light greens and pale tones. Anemones, Tulips, Ranunculus, lime green Viburnum, Hyacinths, Liliac and that’s just the tip of it. I love the blue/black centres of these tissue-like white Anemones (below) with the blue of the Hyacinths and silvery Eucalyptus. The combinations are endless and it doesn’t matter how many I make, I still get excited about seeing the outcome.

Oh and these ‘Kloon’ coral Ranunculus, they just bring a warmth to the design which is pretty satisfying in my mind! Give them a few days and they expand to Peony size proportions. They are actually often mistaken for Peonies and can be a stunning early season alternative. Look out for the ‘Kloon’ variety as they’re the extra blousey kind.

Spring Flowers

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  1. Rosie at Rose & The Bee made a beautiful seasonal casket spray for my mum, who sadly passed away in May. It was just what we had wanted for her, and captured her nature-loving spirit. Rosie listened to our thoughts and found just the right flowers and leaves and turned them into a truly lovely display. Ivy and ferns woven in with wild flowers, and contrasting gorgeous soft-coloured peonies with delicate daisies, was so beautiful. It complemented the seagrass casket we had chosen for mum, and helped us through a difficult day. Everyone who came to mum’s service commented on how beautiful it was. Thank you so much. We will have no hesitation in recommending you x


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