Emma and Neil’s beautiful August wedding at the Domus, Beaulieu in the New Forest. Rich with Dahlias in pinks, oranges and a deep chocolate burgundy, combined with silvery Mimosa and Olive foliage and Eucalyptus leaves.



Rosie Bevis

Blink and you miss it. Christmas completely ran away with me this year, hence no photographic evidence of it but into January and I’m finally getting a grip (be it the 31st)!

In this strange world of floristry, spring flowers are available in the market and they seem so fitting for this time of year, lots of fresh young light greens and pale tones. Anemones, Tulips, Ranunculus, lime green Viburnum, Hyacinths, Liliac and that’s just the tip of it. I love the blue/black centres of these tissue-like white Anemones (below) with the blue of the Hyacinths and silvery Eucalyptus. The combinations are endless and it doesn’t matter how many I make, I still get excited about seeing the outcome.

Oh and these ‘Kloon’ coral Ranunculus, they just bring a warmth to the design which is pretty satisfying in my mind! Give them a few days and they expand to Peony size proportions. They are actually often mistaken for Peonies and can be a stunning early season alternative. Look out for the ‘Kloon’ variety as they’re the extra blousey kind.

Spring Flowers

Bespoke Floristry, Bath


Rosie Bevis is an experienced freelance florist who has recently moved from London to Bath with her young family and now runs Rose & the Bee from home, designing and making beautiful bespoke flowers to order.

Rosie has over six years experience working for a high end London Events florist and has a wealth of experience in designing and producing stunning floral designs. Whether it’s for a private event, just an individual bouquet, or delivering you a bundle of house flowers, Rosie will put a great deal of care into making you something unique and beautiful.

In frequently returning to London to freelance on large scale events, she stays up to date with the latest flower trends and is open to collaboration to make your flower visions come alive. Rosie also runs private Rose & the Bee Flower Workshops for groups/parties wanting an introduction to floristry, which are particularly successful with hen parties.

Enchanted Garden of my Childhood

Today I have been reliving my childhood with my own little girl in my Grandmother, Judy’s garden. Being with Isla makes me see places with different, less adult eyes and especially being in Granny Judy’s magical garden on this English Summer’s day, where I spent so much time as a child, I have been feeling mega nostalgic!


Those tea roses (I think) on the right smell delicately & sweetly fragranced. There’s something about an English Summer’s day that is so special. Perhaps because they’re rare? The quality of the light is different, the sounds and the grass scented air make it so different to a hot day elsewhere. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I associate it with my childhood? It’s 10pm now and it’s only just getting dark. Today was a day for savouring.


Shepherd’s Delight


‘Shepherd’s Delight’ with soft pink & peach tones of Apple Blossom, Roses, Astilbe, Night Scented Stocks, Rosemary, Myrtle berries & Italian Ranunculus

Inspired by the beautiful Summer sunsets I’ve been enjoying over the last couple of weeks in The Philippines and now the gorgeous explosions of blossom on the streets back at home. I love these soft ballet pink and peach tones and associate them with my little girl Isla who was born at this time of year when the London streets were abundant with frothy cherry blossom & Magnolia. The Night Scented Stocks, Rosemary and Myrtle berries make this delicate combination of flowers smell incredible!




Blue Skies & Scents of Spring


Spring air smells and sounds so different to winter and each year I seem to forget, until it arrives again. After Winter’s dormancy, birds are training up their vocal chords and you can smell the brand new growth. Magnolia buds, Cherry Blossom, Daffodils, Hyacinths, all play a part in that sweet Spring air and then there’s one of my absolute favourites – Daphne. It’s the tiniest of flowers which could easily go unnoticed if it wasn’t for its mighty punch of fragrance that wafts along pavements with no obvious sign of where it’s coming from. Spring is clearly a time of year to take stock, and a long deep breath every now and then. Definitely food for the soul!